Proceedings, iNaCoMM 2015                                                                       
 Poster Session I 
49An Underwater Robot Inspired By Feather Sea Star Using Smart ActuatorsPDF
71Design Of A Cam Based Joint Mechanism Using Spring-Mass System For A Snake Robot To Exhibit Rectilinear Motion On Floor And In- PipePDF
76Mechanalyzer: 3D Simulation Software To Teach Kinematics Of MachinesPDF
148Optimization Of High Voltage Circuit Breaker Mechanism Design Using Six Sigma MethodologiesPDF
168A General Purpose Program For Kinematic Analysis Of Plane MechanismsPDF
180Modelling Of Friction-Stir Welding Of Aluminium Alloy And Design Of A Spherical Parallel ManipulatorPDF
 Poster Session II 
74Aero Engine Vibration Measurement, Analysis And Trend MonitoringPDF
29Improving Dimensional Accuracy By Error Modelling And Its Compensation For 3-Axis Vertical Machining CentrePDF
59System Identification: A Study Of Various Methods For Continuous SystemsPDF
137Modeling, Design And Control Of Planar Parallel Platform-based Isolator MechanismPDF
160A Computational Static Parametric Study Of A Polystyrene Sandwiched Composite Structural SystemPDF
175Fatigue Life Enhancement Of Ratchet Pawl Charging Mechanism Through Dynamic AnalysisPDF
 Session 1 
115Modeling And Simulation Of A Three-Joint Prosthetic Finger Actuated By Remaining Functional Natural Fingers: A Bond Graph ApproachPDF
44Image Based Data Preparation For NeuronavigationPDF
80Shape Estimation And Prediction Of Locations Of The Force Of A Flexible Tube Using Strains At A Few PointsPDF
 Session 2 
70Innovative Flexible Bracket Design And Simulation For Aircraft Mechanical SystemsPDF
83Study Of Various Flexible Joints As The Thermal Compensator Elements In A Typical Light Transport Aircraft Engine Bleed SystemPDF
73A Generalized Method To Investigate The Bistability Of Curved Beams Using Buckling AnalysisPDF
 Session 3 
58Teaching Mechanism Dynamics Using A Haptic Device - IiPDF
63Pid-Like Fuzzy Control Scheme For Control Of A Planar Parallel (3Ppr U Base) ManipulatorPDF
93Simulation Of Impact And Rolling Contact Dynamics Between A Rigid Body And A Soft Material Using Multibond Graph ApproachPDF
 Session 4 
173Link Shape Optimization For Input Torque ReductionPDF
94Dynamic Identification Of Manipulator: Comparison Between Cad And Actual ParametersPDF
96Hexahedron Point Mass Model And Teaching Learning Based Optimisation For Balancing Of Industrial ManipulatorsPDF
 Session 5 
13Fault Diagnosis Of Gearbox Using Various Condition Monitoring Indicators For Non-Stationary Speed Conditions: A Comparative AnalysisPDF
183Defect Detection Methods For Gears- A ReviewPDF
50Modelling Of A Prognostics Observer For Automated Manual TransmissionPDF
 Session 6 
55Single Actuator Shaker Design To Generate Infinite Spatial SignaturesPDF
90Development Of A Sun Tracking System Using A 3-Upu Spherical Wrist ManipulatorPDF
82Kinematic Analysis Of A Passive Sitting/Lying Type Lower Limb Rehabilitation Robot Using A Planar Parallel ManipulatorPDF
 Session 7 
176A Study Of ∑2 Singularities In The 3-Rps Parallel ManipulatorPDF
157Data-Driven Kinematics: Unifying Synthesis Of Planar Four-Bar Linkages Via Motion AnalysisPDF
32Design Of Lobe Pair Profile Of An External Rotary Lobe PumpPDF
 Session 8 
46A Method For Controlling The Bimorph Piezoelectric Actuator Using Fuzzy Logic Controller Towards Robotic AssemblyPDF
181Finite Element Analysis And Design Of An Asymptotically Correct Patch-Actuator ModelPDF
98Experimental Acoustic Analysis Of Sarasvati VeenaPDF
 Session 9 
231A Compact Bidirectional Bistable Electrothermal SwitchPDF
247An Experimental Method To Estimate The Growth-Rate Of A Leaf Using Image Processing And Solving An Inverse-Growth-ProblemPDF
255"Development Of Radioactive Liquid Dispensing Mechanism For Exclusive Applications In Radiopharmaceutical Production Laboratories"PDF
 Session 10 
87Development Of Reconfigurable Outdoor Mobile Robot-A Design Optimisation ApproachPDF
104Design, Analysis And Development Of Pipeline Inspection Robot.PDF
197Development Of Reconfigurable Serial Manipulators Using Parameters Based ModulesPDF
 Session 11 
108Design For Additive Manufacturing Of Products Containing Articulated MechanismsPDF
119Decentralized Cooperation Between A Terrain Aided Mobile Robot And An Aerial Robot For Exploration And SurveillancePDF
129Analytical Approach For Force Stability Analysis Of Stair ClimberPDF
 Session 12 
132Constrained Inverse Dynamics And Feet-Terrain Interaction Modelling Of A Staircase Climbing Hexapod RobotPDF
146Modelling Of Mobile Robot With On Board Redundant Manipulator ArmPDF
184Design Of A Static Balancing Mechanism For Coordinated Motion Of An External LoadPDF
 Session 13 
198Path-Based Optimal Design Strategy For Customized Redundant ManipulatorsPDF
199Population Generation And Validation For The Task-Based Morphology Evolution Of Robotic ManipulatorsPDF
200Gravity Balancing Of A 7-Dof Hybrid Manipulator Containing Spatial LinksPDF
 Session 14 
223"Design And Development Of A Robot Transformable Between Biped Waking And Wheeled Modes"PDF
238 Inch Worm Mechanism For Solar Panel Cleaning RobotPDF
239Designing Compact Remote Centre Of Compliance Devices For Assembly RobotsPDF
 Session 15 
202"Effect Of Surface Textures On The Performance Behaviours Of Plain And Cycloidal Profiled Sector Shape Pad Thrust Bearings: A Comparative Investigation"PDF
245Characterization Of Surface Topography At Different Length ScalesPDF
246The Effect Of Cavitation In Lubricated Sliding Textured SurfacesPDF
 Session 16 
248Study And Prediction Of Micro-Finish Of Recovered Functional Surfaces Using A Developed Ech MachinePDF
254Studies For Friction And Temperature Parameters In Thrust Ball Bearing Lubricated With Grease Containing Mos2 ParticlesPDF
252Performance Behaviours Of Flared Journal BearingsPDF
 Session 17 
218Synthesis And Analysis Of Geared Five-Bar Mechanism For Ornithopter ApplicationsPDF
114A Distributed Compliant Mechanism For A Piezo-Actuated Flapping WingPDF
28Study Of Spindle Rotational Accuracies Versus Bore Acuuracies On Machined Test Pieces On A Cnc Machining Center.PDF
 Session 18 
107Texture Orientation Effect On The Performance Of Parallel Sliding Contact In The Presence Of Fluid-Solid Interfacial SlipPDF
195Design Development, Analysis And Fabrication Of A Modified Three Wheeled VehiclePDF